The World of Therra 

This page includes maps of various regions of Therra, as well as write-ups of various regions.


Political Map of Jerranq - This map shows the major geographical features as well as rough political boundaries for all of the nations of the continent of Jerranq in the year 5535.

Regional Map of the Far Coast - This map shows most of the important features of the region of the Far Coast as well as southernmost Thaneer and a good portion of the adjoining Aynayjor Mountains.

Map of the Northern Border of the Far Coast - This map shows the area around which the Riverine campaign is based. It includes the area from the Thaneer border and Dwillingir, south to Far Dereth, and west to the Aynayjor Mountains.

Map of the Town of Dwillingir - This map is an aerial view of the town of Dwillingir, capital of the Province of the Far Coast. Presented is a small, unlabelled map, and a larger map with labels for major areas and buildings.

Overview Map of the Kingdom of Slumber - The major geographical features and political borders of the legendary Kingdom of Slumber, dwelling place of the Heroes of the Gem.

Map of Queequeg's Canton - A detailed map of Freeport Canton, ruled by the enigmatic Queequeg the Wise.

Map of Lancre's Canton - A detailed map of Lancre's Canton, a sanctuary for Mordant worshippers.

Map of Morg's Canton - A detailed map of the Gem Canton, ruled by the hero Morg.

Map of Eracuss' Canton - A detailed map of Eracuss' Canton, home of the Brotherhood of the Rose.

Map of Korvar's Canton - A detailed map of Korvar's Canton, home of the Hall of Slumber and Obelisk of Decree.

Map of the Isle of Onlor - A full scale map of the entire Isle of Onlor, home of the halflings and the starting point of the great War of the Gem (also broken down into 8 sectional maps for easier navigation).

Map of Gerilong - an overview map of Gerilong, including major cities, trade towns, and Pashek boundaries.

Map of Sazhansiir - a map of the mysterious continent of Sazhansiir, far to the south of Jerranq.


An Introduction to Therra - A basic primer detailing some of the characteristics of the world, including calenders, phases of the moon, etc.

The Cosmology of Therra - A detailed look at the cosmology, including the layout of the planet, the workings of the sun and moons, the inner planes, the astral plane, and life after death. Includes a colour map of the planes of Therra.

Player's Guide to Sazhansiir - A detailed guide to the mysterious continent of Sazhansiir, including religion, classes, history, and more.

A Guide to Jerranq - A detailed guide to all of the regions set forth on the Map of Jerranq, including updated entries to reflect the War of the Gem and an entry on the Kingdom of Slumber.

The Onlor Gazetteer - A fully detailed description of the entire Isle of Onlor. Includes information on every village and settlement on the Isle with a population of 200 or more as well as most terrain features. A great location in which to base a campaign, and easily placeable into any campaign world.

The Killoren - A brief guide to the Killoren and the Land of Aladur in Sazhansiir, for players with Killoren PCs or for those who spend some time in the land.

A Traveler's Guide to the Far Coast - A guide explaining the features displayed on the Regional Map of the Far Coast.

The Thaneeri - A brief guide to the Thaneeri barbarians who dwell north of the Far Coast. Included are descriptions of the 14 Thaneeri clans, Thaneeri society, and several new feats and magic items.

Overview of the Kingdom of Slumber - A document providing an overview of the legendary Kingdom of Slumber, including its climate, organization, history, etc.

The Riverine Merchant House - Essential background for all players participating in the Riverine House campaign. Includes a description and history of the Empire and the area of the Far Coast and its neighbours as well as detailing the government and political workings of the Far Coast area. In addition, the merchant houses are explained, with the Riverine House detailed in more depth.

Player's Guide to the Riverine Campaign - Background information for players in the Riverine Campaign, including a catch-up on the state of the world as of 5535, prestige classes available, the Mordanti, and other information.

Castle Surlamar - An overview of the demesne of Queequeg, ruler of one of the Cantons of Slumber. By Jeff Hartke, player of Queequeg.

Important Personalities of the Freeport Canton - Information and statistics regarding some of the more notable personages of Queequeg's Canton in the Kingdom of Slumber. By Jeff Hartke, player of Queequeg.

Gerilong - Land of Mystery - A guide to the land of Gerilong, home to a colourful branch of the Morakki peoples and gateway to the Morakki lands.

The Languages of Therra - An overview of the languages of Jerranq spoken by humans. Includes several dead languages.

The Festival of Ringkol - Information regarding one of the wilder celebrations in Queequeg's Freeport Canton in the Kingdom of Slumber.



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