The World of Therra 

Below are presented various documents detailing rules specific to Therra.

Rules Manifest - A listing of all house rules, optional rules, and variants and whether they are used in Therra.

Magic in Therra - An essay detailing the concepts behind the rules for magic item creation in Therra for 3rd edition D&D.

Therran 3rd Edition Rules - An essay detailing the character rules in use in 3rd edition Therra. Includes races available to PCs and restrictions on multi-classing and advancement.

Resurrection in Therra - House rules for resurrection survival in 3rd edition Therra. These can be adapted for any campaign.

Outsiders and Travel to Therra - An essay on the ways outsiders arrive on Therra and why they don't usually stay. In addition, explanation and clarification on long range teleports in Therra.

Creature Catalogue - A collection of creatures and statistics for beings unique to Therra or not yet converted to 3rd edition D&D.

Trading in Therra - A system for conducting mercantile activities in Therra. Designed with the help of Steve Turney, player of Marco.

Truenamers - A fix to the truenamer class from Tome of Magic to make the class playable.

Timing of Magic - An explanation as to how and when magic is renewed in Therra.

Below are presented various lists compiling items from all sources used in Therra. These lists can be helpful to DMs running any D&D campaigns.

Breath Effects List - Listing of all dragonfire adept breath effects available in Therra.

Classes List - Listing of all allowable core and prestige classes available in Therra, along with notes on attaining these classes and gaining levels in them.

Draconic Auras List - Listing of all draconic auras available in Therra.

Draconic Invocations List - Listing of all draconic invocations available in Therra.

Dragonpact List - Listing of all dragonpacts available in Therra.

Epic Spells List - Listing of all epic spells available in Therra.

Equipment List - Listing of all weapons, armour, and mundane equipment available in Therra.

Feats List - Listing all feats available in Therra.

Invocations List - Listing of all warlock invocations available in Therra.

Maneuvers and Stances List - Listing of all maneuvers and stances available in Therra.

Mantles List - Listing of all psionic mantles available in Therra.

Mysteries List - Listing of all shadowcaster mysteries available in Therra.

Nerf List - Listing of spells that have been nerfed or changed for Therra.

Psionic Powers List - Listing of all psionic powers available in Therra.

Skills List - Listing of all uses for skills available in Therra.

Soulmelds List - Listing of all incarnum soulmelds available in Therra.

Special Materials List - Listing of all special materials available in Therra.

Spells List - Listings of all spells for every class available in Therra.

Tricks List - Listing of all animal tricks available in Therra.

Utterances List - Listing of all truenamer utterances available in Therra.

Vestiges List - Listing of all vestiges available in Therra.

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