The World of Therra 
(a world for 3rd edition D&D)


 Welcome to the website for the World of Therra. Therra is my current D&D campaign world. It is still growing and evolving, but it has a very broad base of scenarios and historical information available currently. Now, you (and the players in my campaign) can get all of the information on Therra right here.

The world is very complex and well-developed for a from-scratch fantasy campaign setting, and more stuff will be posted here from time to time. Feel free to adopt the setting whole cloth or to use pieces in your own campaign. In particular, the scenarios and the gods and goddesses can be easily transplanted into other campaign settings.

Those wishing an initial overview of the world should peruse the Chronological History.

I welcome anyone to submit articles or scenarios for Therra. I will review them and if acceptable will post them right here.

The world of Therra was previously the focus of a nine-year 2nd Edition AD&D campaign wherein the PCs saved the world from apocalypse at the hands of the evil Deceiver and his minions. Many details regarding that 2nd Edition campaign are posted on the Therran 2nd Edition website.

The 3rd Edition D&D campaign takes place 21 years after the events of the 2nd Edition Campaign. Therra is a world now cleansed of its ultimate evil, and a world that has arisen from the ashes of that great conflict. But indeed, while the decades since the Deceiver was defeated have allowed the goodly folks to rebuild their battered and torn kingdoms, it has also allowed those evil powers that survived the retribution of the gods to regroup and begin to once again filter into the lives of innocent persons.

The current 3rd Edition campaign has the PCs stranded in a strange land far to the south of the continent of Jerranq. Here they must learn to navigate their way through strange civilizations and stranger creatures and learn why the fates have taken them to this exotic place.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to email me at

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