The World of Therra 

Below are presented tales and stories related to Therra.

The Childe Queequeg to the Dark Tower Came - An hilarious and historically true account of how Queequeg the Wise took his long simmering revenge upon a college of snooty wizards, penned by the player of Queequeg, Jeff Hartke.

Above and Below - A tale of an adventure in the Mountains of Aynayjor starring Kirawyr the warrior and Argus the mage. Based on a gaming session from the Riverine Campaign.

The Lady of Dunwood - A song written by the bard Redondo concerning the events surrounding the scenario "A Bit of Blood" and the achievments of the PCs.

Enough is Enough - A tale of the Heroes of the Gem as they strive to aid Morg in the defeat of a longtime foe.

The Journals of Eracuss - The personal journals of Eracuss the Archmage, as currently revealed by David Wolin, the player of Eracuss.

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