The World of Therra 
DM Only Page

These files should not be viewed by players in a Therran campaign or by players who may be running in any of the scenarios presented below. Players are admonished not to view even old, already played scenarios, for they may still contain items that are supposed to remain secret.

PC Backgrounds - Backgrounds and histories of the current PCs.

The Continent of Sazhansiir - Mysterious southern continent of vast jungles and deadly serpents.

Therran Scenario Page - This page contains links to official Therran 3rd edition scenarios.

The Riverine Campaign - Various items relating to DM-only information from the Riverine Campaign.

Magic Item Recipes - Writeups of magic item creation formulae for Therran magic items.

Creature Listing - A listing of all of the creatures of Therra, including where they dwell (in Excel format).

Template Listing - A listing of all of the templates available in Therra.

A Global Map of Therra - A map of the entire planet of Therra.

Magic Items - A listing of all of the magic items of Therra.

Obscure Spells - A list and description of little-known spells.

New Magic Items - New magic items developed for Therra.

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