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Therra is my current D&D campaign world. It is still growing and evolving, but it has a very broad base of scenarios and historical information available currently. Now, you (and the players in my campaign) can get all of the information on Therra right here.

The world is very complex and well-developed for a from-scratch fantasy campaign setting, and more stuff will be posted here from time to time. Feel free to adopt the setting whole cloth or to use pieces in your own campaign. In particular, the scenarios and the gods and goddesses can be easily transplanted into other campaign settings.

Those wishing an initial overview of the world should download the History, followed by the Guides to Jerranq and Onlor.

I welcome anyone to submit articles or scenarios for Therra. I will review them and if acceptable will post them right here.

I am also in the process of winding down the first original Therran campaign, played with 2nd Edition AD&D. I will be following this up with a new 3rd Edition Therran campaign. Once this transition occurs, I will be separating this site into two parts, the 2nd Edition items and the 3rd Edition items. Right now, all of the files presented below are for the 2nd edition campaign.

Of further note, the 2nd edition material involves a campaign taking place just before the final war with the Deceiver. 3rd edition material will deal with a campaign(s) set in the aftermath of that titanic struggle.

Below are the various files available for reading online and printing or copying to word processing programs. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to email me at


Note - These files are OK for players and DMs to read.

World Related Items:

A Chronological History of Therra - A timeline detailing Therran history from the creation of the world to the present day campaign date.

The Gods of Therra - A complete listing of all of the gods and goddesses of Therra, including full writeups of clerical spell spheres and special abilities for each.

Religion of Aghorrit - An in-depth presentation of the religion of the God of War.

Religion of Meredros - An in-depth presentation of the religion of the God of Truth and Justice.

Resurrection in Therra - An analysis of the methods and availability of resurrective magicks in Therra.

Essays on Therra - Several short essays on various aspects of Therra.

Introduction to Therra - A vey brief overview of some basic Therran concepts.

Player's Guide to Therra - My handout to players who start adventuring in Therra, outlining some important broad concepts of the campaign setting.

Guide to Jerranq - A full overview of all major political entities and terrain features for the entire continent of Jerranq. Indispensible for those wishing to understand the scope and breadth of the Therran campaign.

Wizardry in Therra - An overview of the organization and attainment of the wizardly arts in Therra.

Therran Planes - An overview of the inner and outer planar structure of the Therran multiverse and how it differs from the traditional AD&D planar view.

An Essae onne Beings Moste Foul - A historical treatise on the evil Maugs of Therra.

The Potions of Aghorrit - A dwarven scroll concerning the brewing of potions as passed down by the priesthood of the God of War.

A Map of the Continent of Jerranq - Largest landmass in Therra.

Maps of Onlor - A geographical and a political map of the Isle of Onlor, for use with the Guide to Onlor.

Rules Related Items:

Therran Rules - A listing of AD&D rules and optional rules and house rules that I use in my campaign and which I recommend for use in any Therran campaign.

A Reminder of Player's Options - A small item highlighting some useful rules from Players Option: Combat & Tactics which many players and DMs tend to overlook.

Breakage, Psionics, and Spells in Therra - A trio of small essays on weapon and armour breakage, the role of psionics, and spells and cantrips in Therra.

Energy Draining in Therra - A small rules change I have made for my campaign regarding level draining that I think any AD&D players might find interesting.

A Chart Outlining all NWP in AD&D - This needs to be updated for a few new supplements, but is a useful aid nonetheless.

Training in Therra - Campaign rules for training between levels.

Magic in Therra - A fairly comprehensive overview of magic in Therra, including the level of magic in the campaign and revised systems for creating magic items.


Note - Players in Devin's campaign may now look at these files, since the second edition AD&D campaign is almost at an end and most of the mysteries and secrets have been revealed. Any items containing current secrets will not be posted to this website until the campaign is finished. Players in other campaigns using these materials should ask their DMs for permission to read the below.


The Drow of Therra - A detailing of the unique history, social structure, and nature of the Therran version of these popular AD&D villains.

DM Campaign Information - All the secrets from the Therran Campaign. A full explanation about the background behind the quest to end the reign of the Deceiver


These scenarios are as written up when played. This means you will notice, in some instances, rules changes from scenario to scenario. For example, the campaign began before the Players Options rulebooks came out. Thus, while the early scenarios use the Players Handbook initiative system and spell system, later scenarios use the Players Option phased combat system and the spell point system. Adjustments from one to the other should be relatively easy. Also, the format of some things also evolved from scenario to scenario. Thus, you will notice that the format for monster statistic blocks changes.

Finally, most scenarios assume the DM has access to the core 2nd edition rulebooks, the Players Option books, Encyclopedia Magica, all of the Monstrous Compendium supplements including Mystara and the Planescape supplements, Drow of the Underdark, I Tyrant, The Illithiad, and The Sea Devils. While some effort has been made to provide enough information to run without those supplements, in many places detailed writeups were omitted in the interest of time and space.

The Beginning - The first scenario of the campaign, a chase across the Isle of Onlor for low level parties.

A Tragedy Unfolds - The party is shipwrecked on an island that holds a strange resident and a horrible secret.

Binding Arbitration - The party is caught in a duel between two vain wizards and must help one defeat his rival.

First Contact - The party's contact in the City of Pelarth is missing. They must negotiate a tangled web of schemes to find her.

There and Back Again - The party has taken a one-way teleport into lands controlled by the Deceiver. To escape, they must travel an ancient dwarven road now haunted by a sinister new evil that has arisen from the depths of the underworld. A massive underdark adventure!

Secrets of the Towers - The scenario that ties it all together. What are those mysterious towers spread throughout southwestern Jerranq? Who built them? Why do they possess magical gates between them? And what lies at the end of the chain of towers?

The Final Tower - The scenario that culminates the entire campaign thread of the enigmatic towers. Discover what the scrap of leather that started the party's career really means. Find out what evil lurks in the final tower and what malign rituals are being prepared to shake the world.

The Mandarin's Trove - The party, searching for more of the strange towers, must penetrate an ancient Morakki treasure vault studded with traps of devious and lethal bent. Can they gain the ultimate prizes that await them?

The Lost Isle - (presented in 3 parts) Having now solved the secret of the Towers, the party is faced with its greatest challenge yet. They must journey across the face of the hostile Morakki lands, dealing with strange customs and haughty Morakki lords who seek to use the party for their own gains. The party must then secure a magical boat from a desert ruins and make their way across the ocean by way of the strangest conveyance yet. Once at the Isle, the party must now confront the final test of the God of Tricks in order to learn their true destiny.

The Quest of the Gem - (presented in 18 parts!) This is the biggie! The final scenario in the campaign, the party must now take the final Gem of Power through the Underdark, across the Woods of Terror, and past Demogorgon himself in order to save the world. This is a massive scenario of over 600 pages that took over 1.5 years of real time to run in the historical campaign. Not for the faint of heart, both for DMs and players. Includes a full layout of the Underdark of Therra and borrows elements from the classic D&D module Vault of the Drow.

More files will become available as they are produced.

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