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Note: Why am I presenting adult sites within my otherwise wholesome virtual house? First, because the government wants to stop me from doing so, and therefore, I must fight against this (for more info, go to my Libertarian page). Second, because people are sexual creatures and I think a more open attitude towards sex is healthy. I have not included direct links to any erotic or pornographic pictures, as there is already enough of that hanging around the web.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those persons who have read my essays (below) and have had such nice things to say about them. It is especially gratifying to know that my Guide to Dating and First Sex for Inexperienced Men has been so well received and has actually helped a great many people. Such feedback makes the risk of my putting potentially embarrassing material up on the web for all to see (including my family and friends) all the more worthwhile.

The following are links to various non-pornographic sites that give out sexual advice and education:

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