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Devin's Special Bloody Mary Recipe:

Yes, I am now a big fan of bloody mary's. I had my first one on a cold boat ride to Catalina island here in Southern California, and the taste, spiciness, and complexity of it just hit me the right way. Now, I have perfected my own personal bloody mary recipe and invite you folks to try it for yourself.


Directions (for one serving, for more servings, increase all ingredients proportionately):

Mix in a cocktail mixer 1 shot of vodka to 1 shot of Clamato and 2 shots of bloody mary mix and 1/3rd shot of olive juice. Add paprika and nutmeg. Add 4-6 shakes of worcestershire sauce. Add Tabasco Sauce to taste (I like thing very spicy, so I put 12 shakes of it in; others report that 6 shakes is very spicy, so I'd recommend 2-3 shakes for most people). Shake mixture well and pour into a glass with ice cubes.

Add olives and squeeze the quarter lime juice into the glass and then deposit the lime into the glass as well. Place celery stalk into glass and stir. Serve cold.

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This page last updated July 30, 2010